Kindergarten and soup kitchen in the Kehemu district


In the Republic of Namibia, the Embassy of the Order of Malta has created and runs various structures to assist the local population. In the northern city of Rundu, on 9th July 2011 the Embassy built and inaugurated a kindergarten of 400 square metres made up of three large classrooms, provided with offices and facilities. Today, the nursery provides education for about 120 children every year, and it is entirely supported by the Embassy, which entrusted the Congregation of the Benedictine Sisters of Oshikuku with the management of the structure. In the teaching activity three graduate teachers are employed, while two cooks and two janitors run the cantine. The Embassy, in fact, also financially supports a soup kitchen, which provides about 400 meals a day to the children of the kindergarten and to people living in the area, with the help of many partners and of Ketuko Italia Ets, a non-profit organization founded especially for this purpose.